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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00006281[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
textresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07extinfo.cgi does not set content-type
   00005111[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
trivialresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07The nagios tarball contains two identical jquery copies
   00006811[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07Remove framespacing from index.php
   00006171[Nagios Core]
minorfeedback (jfrickson)2016-09-07Default notify-host-by-email fails due to unrecognized flag "-s"
   00005762[Nagios Core]
minorfeedback (jfrickson)2016-09-07High Load with Nagios 4.0.3
   00005222[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (nagios_staff)2016-09-07when in map view, parents define objects/servers do not show up on the map.
   00005192[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07Restricted access user sees additional hosts - when viewing hostgroups
   00004582[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07Availability report mixes up scheduled and unscheduled warning percentages
   0000443 [Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
featureassigned (nagios_staff)2016-09-07Broken check scheduling with exclusions in format YYYY-MM-DD
   00002971[Nagios Core]
minorfeedback (jfrickson)2016-09-07first_notification_delay does not work
   00001342[Nagios Core]
minorfeedback (jfrickson)2016-09-07Skip timeperiods stop functioning
   00005625[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07Service Parents does not appear to be functioning as intended
   00006191[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-07Access control in hostgroups - status.cgi
   00005634[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-09-06Update Available Banner Not Displayed On main.php
   00005971[Nagios Core]
majorfeedback (jfrickson)2016-09-06Notifications paging HOST UP when service is down
   000032119[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
majorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-29when using ssh (or check-by-ssh) with ControlMaster/ControlPersist, nagios times out the first time and one gets zombie processe
   00005512[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
trivialresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-29Servicegroup availability report ignores includesoftstates in service report links.
   00006512[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-25Theme images/stylesheets installed with inconsistent permissions
   00006501[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-24Bare "make" invoked in subtarget
   00005571[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (abrist)2016-08-23Documentation bug for $USERn$ macros
   00005102[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (nagios_staff)2016-08-23Merge days
   00003184[Nagios Core]
featureassigned (nagios_staff)2016-08-23add a feature to set a different checking interval in hard error states (not OK/UP or soft error states)
   00003492[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-10Regression of 0000198
   00002603[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-10read_only does not take priority
   00002591[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-10using a wildcard in search returns results but host status total / service status total is all zero's
   00001882[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (nagios_staff)2016-08-10Environment variables not set in notification script
   00001655[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (ageric)2016-08-10In passive check output lines an escaped newline ('\\n') is interpreted as newline and will split the line
   00005871[Nagios Core]
featureresolved (nagios_staff)2016-08-09SIGSEGV on Forced checks : it don't take care of max_concurrent_checks
   00005251[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (nagios_staff)2016-08-09contactgroup_members in contactgroup ignored without members
   000050711[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (estanley)2016-08-09Nagios 4.0.0 - Problem during log rotate
   00004862[Nagios Core]
featurefeedback (jfrickson)2016-08-09cmd.cgi says it accepted the command even if the nagios process isn't functioning
   00003973[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2016-08-09Using $ARGn$ Macros in perfdata
majorresolved (estanley)2016-07-28ndoutils 2.0.0 doesn't insert data to nagios_statehistory
Other / Unknown
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-07-20HOME, USER, LOGNAME, and SHELL environment variables incorrect
   00002812[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majorresolved (jfrickson)2016-07-18web interface vulnerable to Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks
Other / Unknown
minorresolved (jfrickson)2016-06-27Using hostname in allowed_hosts always results in an error message from the IPv6 address parser
majorresolved (jfrickson)2016-06-27Unable to compile NRPE on OS X 10.9 with or without SSL
tweakresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-21sample configuration for check_load
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-21compile nrpe-2.13 on Solaris 9
Other / Unknown
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-21check_nrpe returns 255 when target host is not reachable
majorresolved (nagios_staff)2015-12-21CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake
* Feature Request *
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-21nagios-nrpe-server: Insecure 'SSL' option, key identical for all debian systems
Other / Unknown
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-211024 output size, should be 4k according to spec
Other / Unknown
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-12-21Leaky SSL support in NRPE
Other / Unknown
majorassigned (nagios_staff)2015-11-18NSCA close/POLLNVAL/accept bug causes hang
   00004743[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (sreinhardt)2015-11-16buffer overflow status.cgi
   00004262[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-11-16Adding LSB infos to init script
   00005374[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-11-16Nagios Core 4.0.2: retry_interval causes error on webgui
   000044712[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-11-16Nagios 3.5.0 problem with german Umlaut in Status Information
   00002491[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-11-16Missing Exit in Nagios Startup Script
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