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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
   00001721[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
featureresolved (jfrickson)2015-09-01[PATCH] add hostname to html title
   00006592[Nagios Core]
Event Handlers
featurenew2015-08-25Request to be able to update a the host_parents directive dynamically
   00005939[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-25wproc_run_job: can't send bug buffer.
   00006429[Nagios Core]
crashresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-25wproc: Core Worker seems to be choked; errno = 2 (No such file or directory) & errno = 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
   00006792[Nagios Core]
majorfeedback2015-08-24Nagios core won't start
   00005755[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (estanley)2015-08-20Nagios 4 fix contact macros in environment variables
   00006682[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-20Too big CPU load on FreeBSD and other systems using poll() interface
   00004478[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2015-08-17Nagios 3.5.0 problem with german Umlaut in Status Information
   00006224[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-11SIGSEGV with empty custom variable
   00002272[Nagios Core]
Status Data
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-10Newlines in long host check
   00002151[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-10Nagios XI does not handle apostrophe in acknowledgements
  00005169[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
crashassigned (estanley)2015-08-05Downtime causes nagios to crash on midnight.
   00005684[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-08-03Flexible downtime triggered after first notification instead of before
   00006582[Nagios Core]
minorresolved (abrist)2015-07-28check_procs on Solaris fails sometimes
   000047614[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (jfrickson)2015-07-27Nagios fails to build on Solaris 11
   000053411[Nagios Core]
minorresolved2015-07-24Bogus log messages 'Unknown jobtype: 10' when using process_performance_data (service_perfdata_command/host_perfdata_command)
   00002344[Nagios Core]
featureresolved (tmcdonald)2015-06-25Make sticky acknowledgements configurable
   00006665[Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
featurenew2015-06-04Add a new setting to services to suppress checks if host is down/unreachable
   0000641 [Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
majornew2015-06-02Servicegroup dependencies aren't properly expanded
   0000683 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2015-05-28links on top page wrongly linked for host and service
   0000682 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2015-05-22Update jquery
   0000681 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2015-05-22Remove framespacing from index.php
   0000674 [Nagios Core]
minornew2015-05-11strip command in Makefile should be generated by autoconf
   0000680 [Nagios Core]
minornew2015-05-08applying bogus_warnings.patch on exiting setup
   0000678 [Nagios Core]
minornew2015-05-05NOTIFICATIONCOMMENT is not transmitted with custom notification
   0000677 [NRPE]
Other / Unknown
minornew2015-04-21check_nrpe returns 255 when target host is not reachable
   0000676 [Nagios Core]
Event Handlers
minornew2015-04-15Event EVENT_LOG_ROTATION rescheduled repeatedly due to early execution
   00006732[Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
minornew2015-04-09Fix early event scheduling
   0000675 [Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
minornew2015-04-01Servicedependencies does not handle servicegroups properly
   00006347[Nagios Core]
Event Broker
majornew2015-03-12Nagios 4.0.7 and 4.0.8: checks stalled
   00006551[Nagios Core]
majornew2015-03-06nagios with more than 40% of CPU and core worked choked
   0000672 [Nagios Core]
crashnew2015-03-06nagios crash with segfault when there are too long url in check_http
   00005623[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2015-02-18Service Parents does not appear to be functioning as intended
   00006711[Nagios Core]
Status Data
minornew2015-02-18next_problem_id is improperly initialized
   0000670 [Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
majornew2015-02-11HOST max_check_attempts set to 1 goes SOFT and then HARD, extra check is performed
   0000669 [NRPE]
Other / Unknown
minornew2015-02-02Using hostname in allowed_hosts always results in an error message from the IPv6 address parser
Other / Unknown
minornew2015-01-27NRPE 'RST' Packet Bug
   0000665 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
featurenew2015-01-22Support of display_name in CGI
   0000664 [Nagios Core]
Status Data
minornew2015-01-20SEGFAULT in archivejson.cgi
   0000663 [Nagios Core]
Status Data
majornew2015-01-09Statusjson.cgi error
   0000662 [Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
minornew2015-01-07Schedule downtime needs to be entered as MM-DD-YYYY
   0000661 [Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
featurenew2015-01-07No drop down list of hostnames when entering hostname in Scheduled Downtime
   0000660 [Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
majornew2015-01-07Notifications are not sent for active alerts after scheduled downtime ends
   00006563[Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-12-23abort() in my_strtok function when parsing service downtimes
   00006571[Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
majornew2014-12-12Nagios checking services after Host down
   00005761[Nagios Core]
minorassigned (emislivec)2014-12-11High Load with Nagios 4.0.3
   00005723[Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
majornew2014-12-08Config Error on NSClient++ check for Windows Service including $ in the name
   0000654 [Nagios Core]
featurenew2014-11-25configure --prefix does not work
   0000653 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-11-25Odd page layout
   0000652 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2014-11-19RRD graphs showing a max of 9 with no see more buttons
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