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   0000649 [Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
minornew2014-10-23contacts or contact_groups directive with no value should not be allowed
Other / Unknown
minornew2014-10-20CheckDriveSize arguments not adjusting calc based for MaxWarnFree/MaxCritFree
   0000647 [Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-10-18Nagios Core crashed 1 hour before start Daylight Savings Time
Other / Unknown
majornew2014-10-13NSCA close/POLLNVAL/accept bug causes hang
   00006461[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-10-11Restricted access user sees additional hosts - when viewing hostgroups
   00006342[Nagios Core]
Event Broker
majornew2014-10-08Nagios 4.0.7 and 4.0.8: checks stalled
   00006312[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-10-07Allow NEB override of host checks after NEBTYPE_HOSTCHECK_INITIATE just like NEBTYPE_SERVICECHECK_INITIATE
   00006451[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-10-02only the first 4 SMS (pager) Notification are send with nagios 4.0.8 on centos 6.5
   00002342[Nagios Core]
featurenew2014-10-01Make sticky acknowledgements configurable
   0000643 [Nagios Core]
featurenew2014-09-26Make service_check_timeout_state also a per service option
   00004861[Nagios Core]
featurenew2014-09-22cmd.cgi says it accepted the command even if the nagios process isn't functioning
  00005167[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
crashassigned (estanley)2014-09-22Downtime causes nagios to crash on midnight.
   0000642 [Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-09-18wproc: Core Worker seems to be choked; errno = 2 (No such file or directory) & errno = 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable)
   00004383[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
majorfeedback (estanley)2014-09-04Reloads during downtime causes wrong availability calculations
   000047612[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2014-09-03Nagios fails to build on Solaris 11
   0000640 [Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
minornew2014-09-02`service nagios reload` causes nagios to die silently if resource.cfg not readable by nagios user
   0000639 [Nagios Core]
majornew2014-09-02SERVICE PERFDATA job 87248 from worker Core Worker 16672 is a non-check helper but exited with return code 2
   00006381[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-09-01nagios worker processes can hog CPU
   00006031[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-09-01heredity of host contacts and contact groups to a service not working as expected
   0000637 [NRPE]
minornew2014-08-29Error compiling NRPE 2.15 on AIX 6.1
   00006243[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (emislivec)2014-08-28Plugin with multiline output will break sending of mails if double quotes + round brackets exist in output
   00006361[Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-08-26SIGSEGV attempting to restart worker
   00004581[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
minornew2014-08-24Availability report mixes up scheduled and unscheduled warning percentages
   0000635 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2014-08-21statsjson crashes
   00005583[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (emislivec)2014-08-14Nagios service fails to start following Fedora 19 installation
   00006162[Nagios Core]
Passive Checks
majorfeedback (emislivec)2014-08-14Nagios 4.0.5 no longer honors \n as a separator for summary and detail data for passive checks
   0000633 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-07-31HUP seems to cause nagios to stop talking to external queryhandlers
   00006291[Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
minornew2014-07-24Setting host/service check period to 'none' causes massive logging
   00005122[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-07-22logging error on NetBSD 6.1
   00006232[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majorassigned (estanley)2014-07-18json not escaped
   0000628 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
textnew2014-07-18extinfo.cgi does not set content-type
   0000627 [Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-07-16Nagios 4.0.7 crashing
majorassigned (estanley)2014-07-06ndoutils 2.0.0 doesn't insert data to nagios_statehistory
   0000622 [Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
majornew2014-06-23SIGSEGV with empty custom variable
   0000621 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2014-06-17Cannot acknowlege problems
   0000620 [NRPE]
majornew2014-06-13Unable to compile NRPE on OS X 10.9 with or without SSL
   0000619 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-06-12Access control in hostgroups - status.cgi
   0000618 [NRPE]
majornew2014-06-11CHECK_NRPE: Error - Could not complete SSL handshake
   0000617 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-06-08Default notify-host-by-email fails due to unrecognized flag "-s"
   0000576 [Nagios Core]
minorassigned (emislivec)2014-06-05High Load with Nagios 4.0.3
   00006151[Nagios Core]
blockassigned (estanley)2014-05-26Check results of different check reported after timeout
   00005631[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-05-21Update Available Banner Not Displayed On main.php
   00006141[Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
minornew2014-05-14Configuration check don't work within hostgroup
Other / Unknown
majoracknowledged (abrist)2014-05-09Leaky SSL support in NRPE
* Feature Request *
minornew2014-05-09nagios-nrpe-server: Insecure 'SSL' option, key identical for all debian systems
   0000613 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-05-06Service check attempt do not increment
   00005752[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-05-05Nagios 4 fix contact macros in environment variables
   00005344[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-05-05Bogus log messages 'Unknown jobtype: 10' when using process_performance_data (service_perfdata_command/host_perfdata_command)
   0000610 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-05-01status_file variable never freed
   0000557 [Nagios Core]
minorassigned (abrist)2014-04-28Documentation bug for $USERn$ macros
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