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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
Other / Unknown
majornew2014-04-24Behaviour change with send_nsca from 2.7.2 to 2.9.1
   00005733[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-24Service checks returns (No output on stdout) stderr:
   0000604 [Nagios Core]
Status Data
majornew2014-04-23Service checks returns (No output on stdout) stderr:
   00004766[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-23Nagios fails to build on Solaris 11
   0000603 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-04-23heredity of host contacts and contact groups to a service not working as expected
   00005904[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
crashnew2014-04-23SIGSEGV on force schedule svc check with hostesc with contactgroup
   0000602 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-04-22Nagios interprets out of bounds exit codes as OK status
   00005852[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-04-21Notification to multiple contacts only sent to email address of first contact
   00005891[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
minornew2014-04-21Nagiosgrpah stops working after a few days after restart
   00005622[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-19Service Parents does not appear to be functioning as intended
   00005835[Nagios Core]
Status Data
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-19Status Check Output of (No output on stdout) stderr:
   00005944[Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
majorresolved (estanley)2014-04-19Nagios 4 fix contactgroups parsing
   00005611[Nagios Core]
Status Data
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-19Nagios 4.0.2: Write error: Broken pipe
   00004381[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
majorassigned (estanley)2014-04-19Reloads during downtime causes wrong availability calculations
   00006011[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-04-19wproc: Unknown job type: 10
   00005541[Nagios Core]
Other / Unknown
minornew2014-04-18No pattern match in function _parse(\n )
   0000600 [Nagios Core]
majornew2014-04-17Service Check Timeout State always returns OK (0) status
   00005862[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
majornew2014-04-14cmd.cgi segfaulting causes "premature end of script headers" error
   0000597 [Nagios Core]
majornew2014-04-14Notifications paging HOST UP when service is down
   00005932[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-04-11wproc_run_job: can't send bug buffer.
   0000596 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-04-11Nagios 4 fix authorization
   00005952[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (estanley)2014-04-11Nagios 4 security fix
   00005808[Nagios Core]
majorresolved (estanley)2014-04-11Nagios 4 memory leak
   00005776[Nagios Core]
Check Scheduling
majorresolved (estanley)2014-04-11Nagios 4 checks stalled when write to socket failed
   0000592 [NSCA]
Other / Unknown
crashnew2014-04-08send_nsca signal handling is undefined behaviour, causes SEGVs
   0000591 [NDOUtils]
majornew2014-04-08ndoutils 2.0.0 doesn't insert data to nagios_statehistory
   00005342[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-04-08Bogus log messages 'Unknown jobtype: 10' when using process_performance_data (service_perfdata_command/host_perfdata_command)
   00003222[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-04-01timeperiods.cfg does not pay attention to the use_timezone setting
   0000587 [Nagios Core]
featurenew2014-03-31SIGSEGV on Forced checks : it don't take care of max_concurrent_checks
   00005722[Nagios Core]
Configuration Parsing
majornew2014-03-27Config Error on NSClient++ check for Windows Service including $ in the name
   0000584 [Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-03-22npcd pid file not readable in xi
   00005822[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-03-17Incorrect parsing of valid shell commands
   00005812[Nagios Core]
Web Interface
minornew2014-03-17nagios core refreshing issue (alternate between a broken view and a good one)
   00005583[Nagios Core]
majornew2014-03-17Nagios service fails to start following Fedora 19 installation
   00005433[Nagios Core]
Passive Checks
majornew2014-03-14no extra LONGSERVICEOUTPUT, all additional passive_check infos where written into SERVICEOUTPUT
  00005165[Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
crashassigned (estanley)2014-03-14Downtime causes nagios to crash on midnight.
   00005791[Nagios Core]
Status Data
minornew2014-03-14(No output on stdout) stderr:
   00005712[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-03-14custom timeperiod doesn't work
   00004557[Nagios Core]
crashnew2014-03-10Nagios go down every night when (maybe) logrotate
   00005743[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-03-10Nagios 4 environment variable not available for process_performance_data script
   0000576 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-03-05High Load with Nagios 4.0.3
   0000575 [Nagios Core]
minornew2014-03-04Nagios 4 fix contact macros in environment variables
minornew2014-03-04The installdb script in NDOUtils-2.0 branch has typo
   00005372[Nagios Core]
majorassigned (estanley)2014-02-28Nagios Core 4.0.2: retry_interval causes error on webgui
   00005382[Nagios Core]
minorassigned (sreinhardt)2014-02-28Nagios Core 4.0.2: Wrong Values in config.cgi
   00004712[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-02-27Extraneous simultaneous state change leads to service recovery without recovery notification
   00005652[Nagios Core]
minornew2014-02-274.0.2 Can't compiile
   00005702[Nagios Core]
Status Data
minornew2014-02-24while running Nagios 4.0.2 (No output on stdout) stderr still occurs
   00005484[Nagios Core]
crashassigned (estanley)2014-02-17nagios dies on restart while sending command to cmd file
   0000569 [Nagios Core]
Scheduled Downtime
minornew2014-02-14No select list displayed when entering Host details in Scheduled Downtime
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